Quality is integral to the way Chemada does business and is ingrained in our corporate value of continuous improvement in all fields. 

Our quality and regulatory affairs team are actively involved with customers and government requirements.

Our site is routinely inspected by regulatory agencies.

Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that Chemada not only complies with the current ISO standards, but they also encourages continuous improvement.

Chemada achieves these goals by a comprehensive training program and implementing operating procedures such as product release, corrective and preventive action, documents control, etc

Product Quality is guaranteed by an in-house developed automated data collection (ADC) barcode system, based on integration of Barcode - ERP - LIMS systems into Total Material Management (TMM).

Motivated by improving inventory management, process control, safety and QA procedures using these systems allows:

  • Reducing recourses and shortening response time
  • Reducing costs & waste
  • Traceability & integrity of process
  • Efficiency
  • Identification of each Material, Batch & Drum No.
  • Inventory movement updates for each item
  • Compatibility check for each raw material to the product tree, production plant & process.
  • Compatibility check of the final product to the customer order (Quantity, Grade , Validity) before delivery
  • Traceability of manufacturing process, weights and integration to the process definition

Our accreditations: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018  standards.

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