Chemada implements innovative Total Material Management

The concept of Total Material Management is an integration between people, process and systems.

 Chemada Industries implements an automatic data collecting system (ADC) which integrates its ERP and LIMS systems by a barcode,  which enables verification of each stage of the production, the suitability of material to the target quality. 

A unique barcode is assigned to each and every drum/bag of raw material, intermediate or final product, allowing us to control stock status, raw material pickup, raw material feeding to tanks and reactors, and stock inventory of final product and raw materials.

The system controls inventory movement and compatibility check for each raw material in the product tree, production plant & process, as well as a compatibility check of the final product to the customer order (quantity, grade, packaging and validity date) and traceability of the manufacturing process, weights and integration according to the process definitions.

The implementation of Total Material Management dramatically improves inventory management (RM, Crude & Final Products), process control, safety and QA procedures.

 Chemada Industries is a leading manufacturer of fine chemicals. Most of the production is based on bromination technologies supported by complementary chemistries. Chemada has a proven record of scaling up new products from kg`s to multi-tons, and is positioned as a reliable world wide supplier of high quality fine chemicals to the pharma, agro and specialty chemicals industries.

 The company is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and SI OSHAS 18001:2007 accredited, and has joined the Responsible Care Program in Israel. Sales and Marketing are operated world wide through Israel Chemicals Ltd. Industrial Products division (ICL-IP).