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Acetyl bromide is a simple small molecule, characterized by the presence of one acetyl group attached to one bromide atom, capable of performing dual in situ acetylation and bromination. This property allows performing several chemical transformations and functionalization.

Acetyl bromide is widely applied in the synthesis of intermediates useful for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) production, particularly in the field of nucleosides analogs active against HIV.


Chemicals Reactions:

 Conversion of diols to olefins: J. Org Chem. 1989, 54, 4780 (Preparation of 1-(2,3 Dideoxy-b-D-Glycero-pent-2-enofuranosyl) thymine (d4T) and 2',3'-Olefinic and 2',3' Dideoxy Nucleoside Analogs Active against HIV. Mansuri, M. M.; Starret, J. E. ; Wos, J. A.; Tortolani, D. R. ; Brodfuehrer, P. R. ; Howell, H. G.; Martin, J. C.)


  • Conversion of vicinal diols to epoxides: Tetrahedron, Volume 48, Issue 48, 1992, 10515 ( A simplified procedure for the stereospecific transformation of 1,2-diols into epoxides. Hartmuth C. Kolb, K.Barry Sharpless).

  • Synthesis of cis di-substituted β-lactones: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2004, 126, 14(Catalytic Asymmetric Acyl Halide-Aldehyde Cyclocondensation Reactions of Substituted Ketenes. Scott G. Nelson,* Cheng Zhu, and Xiaoqiang Shen)

  • Determination of lignin in wood:  Tappi 1961, 44, 793-789 (The spectrophotometric

determination of lignin in small wood samples. Johnson, D. B.; Moore, W. E.; Zank, L. C.); Wood Sci. Technol. 22:271-280 (1988)  (An improved acetyl bromide procedure for determining lignin in woods and wood pulps. K. Iiyama and A. F. A. Wallis, Melbourne, Australia)

Acetyl bromide

Cas number
Acetyl bromide
Acetyl bromide
Chemical group
acyl bromides

Acetyl bromide
Acetyl bromide
Acetyl brimide
Ethanoyl bromide
Acetic acid bromide
Acetal bromide

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