Chemada is a producer of chemicals intended mainly for the Pharmaceutical Industry but also for the Photographic, Cosmetic and Agricultural Industries.

Chemada’s policy is to produce and supply high quality products in full compliance with customers regulatory demands. Furthermore, Chemada will continually evaluate its customers’ requirements and modify product specifications in order to improve customers’ satisfaction within economic considerations.

Maintaining highest quality of its products is of top priority at Chemada. Furthermore it is Chemada’s policy to ensure high quality assurance in all its actions, and that these actions are carried out correctly the first time and every time. This policy regarding Quality, Safety and the Environment is implemented by continual maintenance of a Quality Assurance Safety and environment systems within the organization. The system was developed alongside other managerial activities within the company, to ensure efficient quality, safety and protection of the environment management whilst ensuring full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018

All Chemada's employees, in production, laboratory, maintenance, marketing, logistics, administration and management are partners in the achievement of the quality safety and environmental goals of the organization, and each and every employee is involved in these issues. Chemada’s management will ensure that the employees are aware of, and involved in the company’s policy on Quality Environment and Safety while implementing risk management and periodical targets and will work in accordance. Awareness will also be obtained by ways of training, surveys, audits and encouragement.

Achievement of Quality, Safety and Environmental goals will be done by systematic work according to the procedures and work instructions that established and confirmed by documentation thus preventing possible deficiencies.

Chemada will undertake to enforce the local and international regulations with respect to chemical materials, transportation and labeling regulations. Chemada will also undertake to strictly follow the regulations with respect to environmental and safety protection. Documentation will enable to track all stages until delivery to the customer.

Quality is considered as an integral part of Chemada’s activities, setting new targets for constant improvement.

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