Chemada Industries


Chemada Industries

Chemada Industries is a leading manufacturer of fine chemicals. Most of the production is based on bromination technologies supported by complementary chemistries. Chemada has a proven record of scaling up new products from kg`s to multi-tons, and is positioned as a reliable world wide supplier of fine chemicals for the pharma, agro and specialty chemicals industries Read More
  • Market

    As a fine chemicals supplier our customers are spread worldwide. We actively support global industries such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals, flavors & fragrances, and other performance industries.

  • R & D

    Experienced team of chemists focus on process development and scale up, aligned with customers' requirements. Development is carried out in close collaboration with the plant chemist, analytical laboratory, pilot plant, process engineer, and safety manager.

  • Quality

    Quality is integral to the way Chemada does business and is ingrained in our corporate value of continuous improvement in all fields. 
    Our quality and regulatory affairs team are actively involved with customers and government requirements. 
    Our site is routinely inspected by regulatory agencies. Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that Chemada not only complies with the current ISO standards, but they also encourages continuous improvement.

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